Session 106:
Sub-National Population Estimates and Projections 

Friday, April 18
12:30 PM - 2:20 PM
Grand Chenier
5th floor

Chair: Robert Scardamalia, New York State Department of Economic Development
Discussant: Ken Hodges, Claritas, Inc.

  1. Two Sets of County Population Estimates: How and Why Do they Differ?Signe I. Wetrogan, Independent Consultant

  2. Changes to the Housing Stock: Loss of Housing UnitsWarren A. Brown, Cornell University; Jan Vink, Cornell University; Joseph Salvo, New York City Department of City Planning; Peter Lobo, New York City Department of City Planning

  3. Applications of the Cohort-Component Model for Structuring Housing-Unit Based Total Population Estimates into Categories of Age and Sex: A Pilot Test in New MexicoJack Baker, University of New Mexico; Aldemar Alcantara, University of New Mexico; Xiaomin Ruan, University of New Mexico

  4. Investigating the Use of Holt-Winters Time Series Model for Forecasting Population at the State and Sub-State LevelsAmanda Walters, University of Virginia; Qian Cai, University of Virginia

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